3 Lessons to Being Ambitious According to Boku No Hero Academia

January 19, 2019
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#1 Impossible is just as impossible as societal norms agree it to be.

Without a doubt, one of the most memorable moments, if not the most memorable moment, was when All Might tells Midoriya that despite what everyone has been telling him, he too can become a hero.

Midoriya: Mom … you didn’t say it back then … the words I wanted you to say …
All Might: Young man … you too, can become a hero.
*Plays fucking emotional music that makes you cry tears as big as Chihiro’s*

‍‍gives me goosebumps no matter how many times I look at it

Everyone kept telling Midoriya to give up. Even his mom did not believe in him and accepted the fact that his dreams will bear no fruit, but that’s exactly what makes this scene so important—in the end, the person who gave Midoriya his blessing and trust, was none other than Midoriya’s lifelong idol All Might! It was a turning point in his life where everything supposedly impossible happened.

In real life, there will be decisions you make and paths you take that even your family can’t accept or understand. There’ll be things you want to do that you were told—by people and by your own endless failures—you weren’t put in the world to do.

But no matter how far you stray, if you keep coming back to this thing, then take that step and act on your gut and put yourself out there and don’t give a fuck about humiliation and your ego

Restricting yourself by facts and people just means you’re going down the tried and tested road. But if it doesn’t work for you, look beyond what society deems is practical, and make your own way!

Impossible is just as impossible as societal norms agree it to be.

#2 Don’t base your dreams on hollow achievements

Unlike other students, Midoriya had to work fucking hard before he even gets to inherit All for One from All Might. Except for the words of All Might, he was given virtually no guarantee that All for One even works/exists!

But still just on this faith alone he pushed himself beyond his limits just for that glimmer of hope that again, since he was young, was crushed to nothing.

‍‍Midoriya inheriting All Might’s All for One

Starting from zero is daunting for most, and people give up before they even start! But if you think about it not as “I want to be the best hero in the world!”, but asI want to save lots and lots of people and bring peace to the world,” it becomes so much easier to start, because you’re not looking for something external.

You’re chasing after something within you, and you need only reach inside, which sounds so much more reliable.

#3 The purpose of living your dream is not about winning

Midoriya wants to be a pro hero, and a way of proving his abilities and ambition was to win the Cavalry Battle. But beyond his desire to win, saving people comes first.

In the battle against Todoroki, he didn’t hesitate to try to free Todoroki from the suppression and denial of his fire powers. Despite the knowledge that this would give Todoroki a big advantage in this fight, Midoriya did it anyway, because above everything, he wanted to save people, and this was undoubtedly an act of rescue as well.

Midoriya vs Todoroki Battle

Sometimes when we start fighting for our dreams, our paths get distorted, and our dreams get stained with worldly attachments like fame, money, and status.

But if we rediscover the purest form of our dreams and why we chase after them, every competition will become a competition against our past selves instead of against others.

We will strive for recognition within ourselves, instead of relying on how people define us (with status and fame) to define ourselves.

You’ll become a better and better you.

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