Why the Concept of "Hustling for Success" is Not the Key to Success

January 19, 2019
epiphanies and thoughts

Part of the reason I’m not for the idea of hustling for success is because at the end of life would I rather have spent my life going out and experiencing life or working many many hours to make myself successful at one thing?

Success, by general societal definition, is largely dependent on the financial aspect. I don’t like how motivational gurus teach people to be sucessful instead of helping them realize what is success to them first and foremost.

“Successful” people make their success sound like a glorious result to their sacrificing friend time or time for things you do purely for fun. So they are sacrificing things they want to do for success … and they want success so that they can do the things they want to do?

I don’t think there are any problems in wanting to achieve financial “success”. If happiness comes from within, then why not have the money while you’re at it?

The problem is just the way we look at it. And how we prop hustling on a pedestal, not knowing what we are getting ourselves into.

Hustling (smartly) because you enjoy the process is different from hustling so that you can earn enough money to enjoy life, or hang out with friends, or *insert any simple pleasures of life that you can readily do now*.

Do what makes you feel happier and more fulfilled now, whether it’s hustling or watching that funny video. Take away that golden aura from hustling and see it for what it really is. It’s as plain as any other choice you could’ve made. That makes you worship it less. It’s just another “key” in all the “keys” to success, assuming you have what “success” means to you figured out.

If you actively try to do things that are an end in themselves, instead of things you do so that you can do this and that in the future, you’ll understand yourself better and experience what life has to offer in all its spontaneity.

I think that’s the same with how a “legacy” works. Success shouldn’t be bullshit like sacrificing yourself for yourself.

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